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Monday, February 16th, 2015

February Meeting: The Magic of the Russian Fairy Tale


On Monday, February 16th, 2015 at the Saanich Centennial Branch Library, 3110 Tillicum Road, Children’s Literature Roundtable presents UVic's Professor of Slavic Studies, Megan Swift, who will give a presentation on The Magic of the Russian Fairy Tale

Professor Swift will introduce some of Russia’s most captivating fairy tale characters, including the child-eating witch Baba Yaga and the maiden-snatching Koschei the Deathless, and then talk about how magical fairy tales were banned after the Russian Revolution and replaced by a new kind of magic. 
Title: The Magic of the Russian Fairy Tale.
Presenter: Professor Megan Swift from the University of Victoria’s Slavic Studies department.
Date: February 16, 2015
Time: 7:30-8:30 pm. Doors open at 7:00pm
Place: Saanich Centennial Branch Library 3110 Tillicum Road.
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